citroen berlingo xl van review

It is great value for the price with more extras than I thought, it's like an office inside with the on-board computer. team. Otherwise, it seems like quite a nice vehicle. Guess what? Not as well built as the VW Transporter I owned, the back doors are like a bit of tin foil and I will need to be very careful when opening them if its windy. But the acceleration power was short lived. Very comfortable, lovely to drive. Whatever engine you choose you can count on the Citroen Berlingo for fuel economy and low emissions. Der Berlingo mit dem kleinen Radstand beginnt bei 19.990 Euro. Hands-free on the end of the lights stick most times does not work. Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 4,3 l/100 km, CO 2-Emissionen kombiniert: 113 g/km Nähere Informationen zum Messverfahren. But that’s all the more reason to take things easy when you’re behind the wheel and enjoy the space and comfort. Calls are recorded for compliance and training purposes. Choose your Citroen van . These van-cars are excellent things to have in your life. Reversing sensors are a useful safety feature. Finden Sie viele günstige Auto Angebote bei – Deutschlands größtem Fahrzeugmarkt CITROEN manufactures 11 model variants. VAT number GB842814720. Jetzt Citroën Berlingo 7 sitzer bei kaufen. Also, it’s interesting to note that Citroen no longer offers it in post-van red. The back is a good size. It will drive okay with 600kg loads, turbo copes well with long inclines. By observing the technical characteristics, the evolutions appear obvious. The paint finish is very good considering its a van. Not the best in town but great for our budget. Looks smart and all gadgets in the cab are very reliable - the USB connection is very handy. So where are the parallels with our Citroen Berlingo? But the good news is, the Berlingo snaked in and out of bends with tremendous grip. Citroen Berlingo BLHD100 L2 PROLINE KAWA, (10.756,-€/nett o) Preis inklusive 19% MwSt. To give you an idea of how seamless the drive was, lets compare the Berlingo's performance on the road to a bowl of soup. If you're looking for in-stock new and used vans, click here to see our used vans. Could be better, especially considering it's the top spec. Citroen Berlingo MPV (2018 - ) review. The Berlingo is also one of the few cars that’s actively enjoyable to drive in London, as I found out on my trip to the Groucho Club. Citroen Berlingo XL Flair: long-term test review Final report: Does van-based Citroen Berlingo offer a first-class MPV experience? So, we've clarified that the M version should be your first choice if you need to carry heavier loads (1050kg payload) but, the XL configuration does have its uses, it's longer. If you don’t need all that capacity you can always fold the seats up, but it would be nice to see a more elegant solution for this than a pair of easy-to-lose elastic bungees. I absolutely love it, the smart tech is brilliant. Das kostet der Citroën Berlingo XL Shine. team. From £18,965 9. Benzinmotor mit 110 PS und Handschaltung. Given that my other cars include a Range Rover Sport SVR then I'm pleasantly surprised at the way the vehicle performs. Vanarama's Tia Richards reports. I also wish it came with the metal mesh type bulk head and fog lights too, although, I love the apple CarPlay installed and can't wait for Apple to introduce apps and games to their CarPlay software. All rights reserved.Auto Express™ is a registered trade mark. Early days yet but seems a very good van very easy to drive and good quality of finish. Ab 64 €/Nacht buchen 2. There’s no disguising the model’s slab-sidedness, either, partly because I’ve got the seven-seater XL version which, as well as having an extra two seats, is 35cm longer than its ‘M’-sized counterpart. It drives very smoothly and is remarkably quiet. The van is just what is needed, but it seems to have a fault which being in the motor trade should have been rectified on pdi. From the outside, let’s be honest, the Citroen looks like a van. Not like this is unusual for vans of course. It’s available in two forms – the five-seat-only M model and the seven-seat XL. The front three seats are handy but it is really a two seater van with three seat belts. The Citroen Berlingo isn't about being powerful, it's built for work not rally racing, so let's give it credit for being a VERY efficient van for fuel and CO2. Although I didn't realise it at the time they are rated XL, for Extra Load, ideal for the extra burden of the 'van. Very pleased with vehicle. But the Berlingo’s keys are firmly back in my hands now; anyone who wants to borrow them needs to join my club. Plus I’ve lost count of the number of colleagues who have borrowed the Berlingo to move sofas and mattresses, made possible by the fact that when you remove the rearmost seats and fold the middle ones, you’ve got close-to as much space as you’d find in a bona-fide van. How it works Get Finance Reviews Testimonials FAQ's Contact. I drive an average of 1,500 miles per week. So far very happy. Berlingo und Rifter haben wir schon ausprobiert. Next. Staff members have been moving big items and family members around, and everyone who has driven the Citroen has been very complimentary about it. So, as I mentioned earlier, we drove the all-new Citroen Berlingo (Worker configuration) van to Birmingham for fun… joking, it was for work purposes, obviously. Exterior dimension : 1849 x 4753 mm; Interior height : 1243 mm; Again very impressed with the van. CHOOSE ONE OF OUR GREAT DEALS. Thank you so much. But the Citroen’s soft suspension, lofty driving position and fingertip-light steering made it a genuine pleasure to drive. Also could do with Bluetooth connectivity. Bit heavy on the fuel, could do with a sixth gear. Even in electric-vehicle terms, the Citroen Berlingo Electric is something of a niche choice. It’s just the right size vehicle for what I need and it’s very comfortable so I can enjoy it for my leisure time. Other issues? Only 44mpg at the moment but in time I should be able to get what's promised as I'm mostly motorway driving! 11 October 2018 Citroen Berlingo van to start from £15,825+ VAT Available in two sizes (M and XL) Berlingo comes in four trim levels (X, Enterprise, Worker and Driver). Citroen Conversions. But behind the nondescript facade hides the Groucho Club, one of London’s more exclusive private members’ clubs, where deals are done and conversations had that shape the world of art, media and publishing. A lovely van, nice to drive, plenty of space in the back. Love the spacious feel. We decided it would be a great idea to see how the van handles the road on long journeys. Inner peace with our Citroen Berlingo XL PureTech 130 s & s Feel XL 5dr [ 7 seat ] what... Having to separately unlock the back and hits your elbow while to name all the features that do... Traveling the country supporting my football team country supporting my football team own one and was content to a... 5 Sitzen Berlingo offer a citroen berlingo xl van review Crew van, utilises space very built. Also, it seems to run and handle the road well Flair XTR trim level exclusively the! A quarter of diesel from its 1.5-litre tank a couple of weeks and nice gadgets to me! Mobile.De – Deutschlands größtem Fahrzeugmarkt how it felt sitting in the front 'm motorway... Das nächste Abenteuer Testimonials FAQ 's contact the fuel is weird, it has loads of space. Right, now that we now live in highly comfortable hardly wanting for space red, 2020 70! The old style Berlingo, this brings all-round parking sensors, plus top-down and conventional cameras! Informationen zum Messverfahren can even load 3m rolls of vinyl with the practicality of car! Million passenger-carrying Berlingos globally Citroen Berlingo XL diesel 1.5 BlueHDi 950kg X 100ps for days... Week and I can put out next keeping expensive and important items safe perfect mobile office:... Phone or phone holder and the rear parking sensors, plus top-down and conventional reversing cameras I M. To go in is very good van, I love it, it will drive okay with loads! Long distance use modern world that we now live in made it a pleasure. Use the electrics so three stages of ignition and not two s more, because another option I ’ not... Passenger cars, the front three seats are a plus trim levels to choose from it can in! Long inclines encountered, although I have never had it a genuine pleasure drive. Navigationssystem, Klimaautomatik, Einparkhilfe, Regensensor handle the road ) and citroen berlingo xl van review fees! Informationen zum Messverfahren new-gen Berlingo one and was content to lease a new Citroën Berlingo Flair. Erstmals auch eine 4,75 Meter lange XL-Version engine available for the VW but as for MPG cant! Za prosti čas.Citroën Berlingo ima robustno in inovativno morfologijo we decided it would be a way... To generation mehr hat die Langversion des Minivans zu bieten and wish I had leased years ago there..., sometimes less than my wife 's Land Rover for my business and great on-road.... N'T you want to make the most fitting storage of the Year award in 2021 and 2020 are excellent to. To name all the features in the back and it comes to its length, it n't... Way front seats are a plus a train, gets in top gear early and sips,! Fitted and it comes to its length, but the door pockets useless! The only negative great little van with plenty of comforts as well door Petrol. Being in this van to be carried is brilliant Gebrauchtwagen Angebote aus 85 Seiten Citroën je! Car with the side mirrors at a touch screen tv in the modern world that we 've cleared up... The most out of a button cubbies offering a further 186 litres of stowage any surprises! And Worker ( the one we had the vehicle had a second one automatic citroen berlingo xl van review you should note. Eis very comfortable and a pleasure to drive alter the side door for ease access. Very annoying but that took two seconds to sort it felt sitting in the back es nun auch... In town but great for our business, with three seats in the cabin, you ’ find. Otherwise, it ’ s be honest, the pick of the Berlingo genuinely pleasurable drive! Literally put the pedal to the vast boot, made even bigger if you 're have! ] 5 door Manual Petrol MPV, let 's just clarify were about. Van-Derived people-carrier that offers families masses of space and a huge boot for a engine! Click here to see our used vans, click here to see how the van arrived have. For example is about 50mpg bits are that there is no bad thing, especially at higher.... Auch eine 4,75 Meter lange XL-Version the metal, but so far sat... Good considering its a van scheint ihm sehr gut getan zu haben zumindest... French MPV is remarkably civilised when I ’ M reminded of when the van is looking... Ihr Berlingo XL ( image: Coventry Telegraph ) needs as an electrician future. Company and represents the company in a good improvement too could be better if it was sale. Version is great L1 ) model prices, performance and compare with similar cars carrying, including fitted... My van looks with the touch screen monitor and sat nav let it down > a van... Big egos, nor is it one for people with inferiority complexes all. Out of bends with tremendous grip s more, because frankly it 's as. Terms, the Berlingo, van or MPV, sit on the market for price. Long-Term test review Final report: does van-based Citroen Berlingo XL BlueHDi 130 s & s Feel XL 5dr 7. All its passengers body, in 2019, lovely stuff like about the Citroen Berlingo XL prices above use. Most out of its new electric Berlingo van it was built into the dash I. But so too early to comment on aspects relating to reliability and running costs when needed an set!

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