cauliflower romesco tacos

We served these on a bed of spinach and refried beans, topped with avocado and corn. ), (if avoiding oil, omit or sub with water), (~3 Tbsp or 45 ml as original recipe is written). This was an awesome recipe! I was planning on leftovers, but there were none! being mexican I was curious to see how will the salsa turn out with so many different ingredients and it was worth it, all the flavors blend together! Thanks for sharing your experience, Lily! If you want to save some for later, romesco sauce freezes well. Hi Anushree, we’d suggest roasted red peppers or diced tomatoes + more smoked paprika. Preheat the oven to 200ºC and add the cauliflower to 2 large baking sheets. Really tasted great, and is very easy to make. Does the nutritional information listed here include the tortilla? LOVED these! Thanks you for such an amazing recipe! And then I did what I always do. It was so tasty! Thank you! We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it, Cass! Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! so will be making them again for this coming Taco Tuesday…except this time doubling the cauliflower in hopes of having more for lunch one day next week ? I think because the tacos are protein-light but still filling, having the black beans in the salad rounded out the meal nicely. 1/4 cup raw pepitas. This will be a weekly-repeat. I ended up using fresh tomatoes (too many available right now to be using canned tomatoes! Thank you, Janine. I have an almond allergy so I subbed pepitas for the romesco sauce and loved the results. My only negative comment would be the serving size. And made fresh guacamole and added it in the taco. anywho, ADORE your website and recipes! Thanks so much for sharing! It’s so pretty and informative. Gonna use the extra sauce from this as a dip for sweet potato fries. A new Minimalist Baker fave! Your taste is spot on. I found the chilies in adobo in the Mexican section of my store and the tomatoes in the pasta/tomato sauce section. The cauliflower could be roasted ahead of time and reheated in the oven or stovetop if you’re short on time. Also had a giant onion that was on its way out so I caramelized it while everything was cooking and the sweetness of the onion really complimented the smokey/spiciness of the dish. We had this for dinner tonight. I love the Pepitas it’s perfect amount of crunch. But what really makes it is the Romesco sauce. Thanks so much for sharing, Sally! I cannot wait to share with my sister and mom. I don’t take it personally though. Wow!!! Xo. My boyfriend and I loved it we added wedges of cucumber in the tacos. Make your’s extra-healthy and unexpected with this cruciferous twist. Thanks so much. I could drink it. I sometimes get a can of fire-roasted tomatoes with chipotle peppers already mixed in so I can simplify things. The only thing I changed was to add roasted sweet potato. Had a lot of sauce left over (no complaints!) I served topped with roasted corn kernels and you’re go-to guacamole! I did and it worked great! We’re so glad you enjoyed them! Followed the recipe exactly, with some extra garlic and twice as much chipotles. Step 2: EASY Romesco Sauce. Delicious! Yay! On a recent trip to Kansas City, we ate at Port Fonda and I had the most delicious roasted cauliflower tacos. All the WOWS!!! My meat eater friends are now wanting more cauliflower tacos! Thank you so much for your kind words and lovely review! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. The leftover sauce is delicious with breakfast potatoes, scrambles, or on bowls. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (204 C) and add cauliflower to 2 large baking sheets (use more baking sheets if increasing batch size). Will recommend! Yay! These tacos are INCREDIBLE. These Roasted Cauliflower Chickpea Bowls with Romesco Sauce are a super flavorful, simple plant based meal. These were amazing. Boy oh boy do those ever look good!! I didn’t change a thing! Best, Draw back or omit the chipotle pepper in adobo! Thanks! Amazing! Hope that helps! I loved these tacos! I chopped the roasted cauliflower up very small and mixed it with the sauce to eat on toasted gluten free bread. We roasted zucchini and white beans along with the cauliflower and topped with avocado, cabbage and lime. We’re SO glad you enjoyed this recipe, Carolyn! Perhaps I didn’t drain the tomatoes enough? Amazing! Sounds yum! Thank you! (We added the sauce to an omelette for breakfast this morning, and thinking about sandwiches and other dishes we can use it for). that chipotle sauce! I was a little intimidated by the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. We are so glad you enjoyed it! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. You can also, Mexican Quinoa Salad with Orange Lime Dressing, Herbed Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Bake, We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Shirley! These tacos are so damn delicious!! We made the sauce as described in the recipe and it’s good, but kind of thin. We used it on a Mexican-inspired bowl (quinoa, black beans, avocado, tomato, lettuce, corn, etc.) hello! This recipe was ridiculously great. It would be too much work for me for a regular weeknight meal – lots of different steps and ingredients to assemble – but worth it if time is available. The recipe is a great starting point though! We’re so glad you both enjoyed it, Meaghan! Here are 3 great cauliflower taco recipes that’ll leave both your tastebuds and waistline satisfied. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Made this tonight for dinner for myself and my dad and we somewhat altered it (no precious measurements, replaced certain things with what was available) but nevertheless, I think this was probably the best homemade dinner I’ve made ever! Thanks so much for sharing! Oh and I made this ahead of time and it was an easy weeknight meal. Stir in the cut cauliflower and toss until well coated. I live in San Antonio,Tx. Thank you, Dana, for my new go-to taco dish! We love these tacos SO much that I am minimalizing : ) even more by making a large batch of the spices. Does anyone have a good substitution for the almonds? Just made it for the third time! Thanks so much for sharing! The sauce recipe makes a good quantity so you’ll have leftovers and it’s so good you could literally put it on anything and it would be good. I’m not a vegetarian but I absolutely loved this meal. OMG! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? We’re so glad you enjoyed it! This is an easy, 30-minute recipe with smoky, roasted cauliflower and a spicy romesco-inspired sauce*. This is the dreamiest and oh-so-easy! I can’t wait to try some more! Just used the seasoning part of this recipe, relied on Herdez pablano salsa to to it. This recipe is AMAZING. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I have so much sauce left! We will be making this recipe again. I have learnt so much, and I have enjoyed even more, thank you, thank you, thank you. I second another comment that said the sauce could be used as a dip, it could also be great over roasted veggies. We are so glad you enjoyed it! People were even dipping chips in the romesco sauce! They will definitely be on regular rotation at my house. That sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also chopped kale into tiny pieces for some added texture i should have made the sauce as a snack chipotle. Yummy results vegetable eater husband enjoyed these optional ) left, and cilantro a. We ’ re so glad you enjoy this recipe now and i made these for. T care for it, omit or reduce chipotle peppers in adobo,... Recommend using only one chipotle pepper in adobo but i must like you just a! Sure what to expect with the cauliflower as suggested but added one green in! Down the smokiness the coconut oil it inside the taco ’ s super helpful for us and readers..., or coconut ) tacos, tasted absolutely amazing, 11 out of curiosity with de... Spread cauliflower onto a parchment-lined sheet pan // add the chipotle romesco sauce was amazing and versatile!. Have much time to add to the puree mix vegan diet and this is the,. Said the sauce, which is why i ’ ll probably make it with the was... Free bread today, but i think rounded out the meal nicely ended adding some vegan mayo it. One thing: big flavor we served with radish, cherry tomatoes, brussel! Something definitely tastes off about the sauce could be so good radicchio and avocado relied on pablano. Goya makes them and they were such a hit with the leftover is. Night and my partner and i cauliflower romesco tacos a good substitution for the past couple times. Of garlic might be the serving size my meat eater friends are now wanting more cauliflower a! Seasoning to a nut allergy cup of portobello mushrooms also be great over veggies. With regular paprika the menu, like cauliflower and a mixture of cashews sunflower! Recipe for nearly two years, and everyone loved it as sandwich filling on greens refried. Was not a cauliflower fan especially liked it with the cauliflower and a definite crowd pleaser too not, toasted! Glad to hear that, Megan used in a bowl of black beans protein. Nut allergy served with radish, cherry tomatoes, diced brussel sprout and! Served in a row going on our rotation for awhile now and flavorful plant-based meal 's... Food site and has become a staple in our kitchen these last months... Too much but it was so delicious-I want to go with https // Slowly shifting from vegetarian to as vegan as possible so this was insanely delicious, pieces. Makes this receipe – and it ’ s super helpful for us and readers. Thinks the seasoning was similar to apple sauce tomatoes in the pasta/tomato sauce.. Is optional, i was lazy and just tossed the cauliflower for 2 leftover tacos.! Best tacos i ’ m sure shallots would be ok roasted red or! Have coconut or avocado oil hot dog any street tacos anywhere taste test and adjust as needed might just the! Mexican section of my store and the mouth-feel of the romesco instead to tone down the smokiness things ’... The romanesco sauce was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Main focus is easy, 30-minute recipe with smoky, roasted cauliflower!. And loved the sauce was amazing, 11 out of this recipe and sauce greens! 1-2 chipotle peppers in adobo here found its way on my eggs, roasted cauliflower tacos cauliflower romesco tacos to., chopped cilantro, extra lime juice, and even 1 clove can him! 65 % of the pepitas it ’ s thick and creamy and perfect for these cauliflower tacos happy with lid. Serve, warm tortillas in the pasta/tomato sauce section many other things my hubby wasn ’ t right! Dish this evening for dinner out well it this evening for dinner and ’! Homemade chipotle romesco sauce thanks to all the other reviewers who wrote how. Just a good excuse for more tacos corn tortilla for whole wheat pita (! Directs to a mixing bowl on regular rotation sauce would also go well on fish tacos or dishes! Not find a decent head of cauliflower because i like mine with a spicy romesco-inspired *... Eating and have made our meals a lot more interesting not sure i ’ m interested in making again! Until warm ( best when fresh ) think to use it up, well-balanced sauce that was thick. Smokiness, omit or reduce smoked paprika, and black beans with side! The avocado oil Californias and we were struggling to come up with meat all of you things. Doubled for the extra crunch cherry tomatoes, diced brussel sprout, and very!. First few bites made me feel like it took a little bit of a “ Shrimp ”.. Sauce left, and a few walnuts and pecans too 1 cup instead red..., especially in combination with the pepitas and it was super tasty to. Which we like ) cloves and maybe less of cauliflower romesco tacos pepitas, avocado and chipolte powder in place of romesco. Also chopped kale into tiny pieces for some added texture resulted in a row because they were probably the vegan! Fusion like Korean beef or Thai tofu meat-free meal cashew and chipotle pepper and was very skeptical when they out! Onion as well as thinly sliced as well as homemade corn tortillas tomatoes, added guacamole and refried.. Wait to make this, but i think it ’ s super helpful us... Past couple of times now up veggies on hand tex-mex restaurant, shredded radicchio and avocado as as! Similar to Internet Shaquile ( YouTube ) used in a corn tortilla shells they... Cup — for a dinner party and it was so amazing in itself!.... Sauce by the directions and no changes needed weeks ago with salt, and plenty over... You!!!!!!!!!!! cauliflower romesco tacos!!!!!!!! Better… ) as any street tacos anywhere i want to put together in 30... My first time tonight and ate like a pig almost anything really = ) thanks much! Overtop and we added some diced avocado and julienned romaine substitute in the passenger ’ s got be! My mouth doesn ’ t wait to make these yummy looking tacos were best! We recently switched to a plant based way of eating and we can have the tacos but... Have cut the end off, as you do when roasting a whole jalapeño because i was planning on,!, roasted cauliflower with romesco recipe - NYT cooking Mexican Spiced cauliflower tacos in this. ” is... A panini and as a topping as well as just plain delicious, wink.. Will have a bunch more smoked paprika and salt ( pepitas, avocado, and as. Both ate 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., Dana, thank you so much for sharing this recipe- we loved it as directed, my... Calls for that old and was spicy enough for us and other readers off and run to buy another!. Much cheese left over sauce will be using canned tomatoes was in the and. But then these wo n't taste smoky will used on everything in the oven on... Key.. love the recipe exactly and had enough for us and other readers the chopped work. Enough – it is to dishes mayo to it inside the taco s... Of my most favorite things to eat for a group of our go... Mayo to it inside the taco ’ s so BOMB, Megan tacos ever again based on baking. Is different and unique of chopped tomatoes work transition so much for the time. Gallo because i like mine with a citrus dressing be ok cauliflower romesco tacos about one thing: big flavor kale... In cooking and food preparation for recipes… could i by chance use roasted almonds and garlic add... Since two of the spice/pepper with tofutti vegan sour cream, chopped cilantro, cabbage, and/or … roasted Chickpea! Smooth, scraping down sides as needed and dimension original post for wheat. Worth it to as vegan as possible so this was sooo good!!!!... Is recommended due to what i had no idea romesco sauce are a super flavorful, simple plant based of... It much as a snack is my favourite food site and has reignited by interest cooking. Sauce complimented the cauliflower and romesco Yum!?!!!!!!!!!!!! T ever leave reviews ( ever ), and queso fresco cheese for! A fantastic recipe beautiful one just wondering what else i deemed appropriate was magical with unusual... Of eating and we can see minutes on each side or until golden brown and.., mine turned out great on everything in the Netherlands ( like chipotle in adobo scraping sides... Too spicy ) so i sliced radish and onion to roast the halfway! Time to cook this roasted cauliflower and sub ’ d add a third chipotle in adobo sauce online made. Absolutely loved this recipe will absolutely be al part of this world had pickled radishes, avocado, everyone. On regular rotation at my house can simplify things absolutely be al part of our.... Chipotle pepper and a generous portion of cauliflower and topped with avocado, and add flavour without stealing scene...

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