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Behan personified the duplicitous nature of the silver-mining boomtown: well-dressed, but of dubious virtue. The badge was nearly worn by Wyatt Earp, who Behan had promised to appoint as his deputy, but Behan later reneged on the deal. "[82]:164 Clanton ran through the front door of Fly's boarding house and escaped, unwounded. General firing immediately broke out. The prosecution's scenario would have required Holliday to fire with his pistol first, switch to the shotgun to shoot Tom McLaury, then switch back again to his pistol to continue firing.[13]. In that precinct lived Ike Clanton. Then in 1881 Tombstone was made the county seat of the newly formed Cochise County, and Behan was appointed the county sheriff. Wyatt Earp is a 1994 Western starring Kevin Costner as the title character, the legendary lawman of the Old West. [82]:214–216 Lucas' corroborated Addie Bourland's testimony that Billy Clanton was standing throughout the fight, which contradicted prosecution witnesses who maintained he went down immediately after being shot at close range in the belly. The choice of guns in the film was always the subject of great debate for Jarre and Sherayko. Corral shooting survived? In the 1880s, illegal smuggling and theft of cattle, alcohol, and tobacco smuggling across the Mexico–United States border, about 30 miles (50 km) from Tombstone, were common. He faced censure for misuse of public funds and for running the prison in a "coarse and brutal manner" in 1890. [51] In 1882, after Southern Pacific Railroad completed laying tracks and building facilities across the northern portion of Cochise County, he assessed them $8,000,000, which they appealed. They were part of a large, loose association of cattle smugglers and horse thieves known as the Cowboys, outlaws who had been implicated in various crimes. Ike paid the fine and Virgil told Ike he could pick up his confiscated rifle and revolver at the Grand Hotel, which was favored by Cowboys when in town. Holliday was a good friend of Bill Leonard, a former watchmaker from New York, one of three men implicated in the robbery. In response, Hurst had printed and distributed a handbill in which he named Frank McLaury as specifically assisting with hiding the mules. Ike told Earp, "I will be ready for you in the morning." In a back room deal with Wyatt Earp, he promised Wyatt Earp a position as Cochise County undersheriff, if Earp (the only other previous undersheriff for Tombstone) would not oppose Behan's appointment. One of the most notable witnesses was H. F. Sills, an AT&SF RR engineer who had just arrived in town and knew none of the parties involved. He joined the California Column during the Civil War and fought with the Union volunteers at Apache Pass in 1862. He walked about "22 or 23 steps" and intercepted them at Bauer's Butcher Shop. [1][6] Victoria was already pregnant. With the Cowboy plot revealed, Spicer freed Holliday. [67] Earp remained with Blaylock until he left Tombstone in April 1882. Corral. "[113]:27 Dr. George Goodfellow treated the Earps' wounds. [22] His was initially the only one of six saloons without a prostitute. "[57]:27, As provided by territorial law, Ike Clanton filed murder charges against the four lawmen. The incidents had generated a lot of talk in town. [49] Based on the evidence presented, Brocius was not charged with White's death. [33] Ray states that Josephine didn't have a friend named Dora Hirsch. There were disputes after the election and Wyatt claimed Behan has promised to appoint him as deputy but Behan disputed this. As the lawmen were carried to their homes, they passed in front of the Sheriff's Office, and Johnny Behan told Wyatt Earp, "I will have to arrest you." Angrily, Frank said he would not drink, and he and Billy left the saloon immediately to seek Tom. In addition, Dr. George Goodfellow, who examined the Cowboys after their deaths, told the court that the angle of the wound in Billy Clanton's wrist indicated that his hands could not have been in the air,[17] or holding his coats open by the lapels, as witnesses loyal to the Cowboys testified. Section 1. [13] The Prescott Miner reported on October 6, 1874 that "J.H. When Cochise County was formed in February 1881, Behan was appointed as its first sheriff. Marshal for eastern Pima County, with his offices in Tombstone, only days before his arrival. He was elected to represent Mohave County at the Tenth Arizona Legislative Assembly, which met beginning January 6, 1879, in Prescott. Dr. Mathews laid Frank's revolver on the floor while he examined Billy and Tom. He's there to live a decent life. The shootout has come to represent a period of the American Old West when the frontier was virtually an open range for outlaws, largely unopposed by law enforcement officers who were spread thin over vast territories. A successful lawman's plans to retire anonymously in Tombstone, Arizona are disrupted by the kind of outlaws he was famous for eliminating. But charges of corruption didn’t come up until around 1880, after he moved to Cochise County. With almost a hemispherical crown, this is the style of hat worn in tombstone by Sherrif Behan and, with a flatter brim, by Marshal White. The posse trailed the robbers to a nearby ranch where they found a drifter named Luther King. When Cochise County, which included Tombstone, was organized in 1881, Behan became its first sheriff. [82]:27, Several members of the citizen's vigilance committee offered to support him with arms, but Virgil refused. A story by Richard Rule in the Cowboy-friendly newspaper, the Nugget, told the story in the manner of the day, without attribution. He wouldn't tell who his confederates were until the posse lied and told him that Doc Holliday's girlfriend had been shot. Each side had strong family ties. On March 18, 1882, a Cowboy fired from a dark alley through the glass door of Campbell & Hatch's saloon and billiard parlor, killing Morgan Earp. After a 30-day preliminary hearing and a brief stint in jail, the lawmen were shown to have acted within the law. When Wyatt resigned as deputy sheriff in November 1880, Behan was appointed as his replacement. They were finally reimbursed by Wells, Fargo & Co. later on, but the incident caused further friction between county and federal law enforcement, and between Behan and the Earps. John Harris Behan (October 24, 1844 – June 7, 1912) was Sheriff of Cochise County in the Arizona Territory, during the gunfight at the O.K. Henrietta died on March 6, 1877 at age seven of scarlatina. John Harris Behan (October 24, 1844 – June 7, 1912) was Sheriff of Cochise County in the Arizona Territory, during the gunfight at the O.K. They were in town to sell a large number of beef stock, most of them owned by the McLaurys. [56], Behan testified that from the time the Earps passed him by to confront the Cowboys, he had watched them closely. (Extends hand) Doc: Forgive me if I don't shake hands. Tombstone diarist George W. Parsons never mentioned seeing Wyatt and Sadie together and neither did John Clum in his memoirs. In February 1881, the San Simon results were thrown out by the election commissioners,[41] but Shibell filed an appeal. 4 1/2" Crown 2 1/2" Brim w/ Binding Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 5/8 Call or email for Availability The true Derby. The ordinance was the legal basis for City Marshal Virgil Earp's decision to confront the Cowboys on the day of the shootout. Goodman and others. [139] The episode concluded that the three eyewitnesses for the prosecution (Sheriff Behan, Ike Clanton, and Billy Claiborne) likely offered perjured testimony. The source of some of the information on the death certificate was Behan's son, Albert. The six or seven men with guns fired about 30 shots in around 30 seconds. Wyatt- Gave all that up, Sheriff. [58] He told the court that he heard Billy Clanton say, "Don't shoot me. At the preliminary hearing, Stilwell and Spence were able to provide several witnesses who supported their alibis. At the time, Wyatt was not a law officer, but had used the threat of Behan riding out to the Clantons' ranch as a bluff to get Clanton to turn over the horse. The stories about the gunfight written in the 20th century affected American culture. [8], Virgil Earp was not expecting a fight. [82]:154 Virgil and Wyatt were now firing. Is it real? He wrote that Billy Clanton, who had arrived on horseback with Frank, intended to go with the McLaurys to Fort Worth. Billy Clanton, who had arrived on horseback with Frank, intended to go with the McLaurys to Fort Worth. When the state created Cochise County, Governor John C. Frémont appointed, and the territorial legislature approved, Behan as sheriff on February 10, 1881.[46]. CLICK LIKE. Hat Accessories. Behan - Going into business, huh? [1] Her friend Dora Hurst and she, with other passengers on a stage coach, had been forced to hole up in a ranch house near Cave Creek by Apache Indians, who had escaped the Cave Creek reservation. [7]:108, Whenever he was not holding office, Behan worked in various saloons or mines.[1]. However, Virgil at the same time continued to hold his position of deputy U.S. marshal, and it was in this federal capacity that he continued to chase robbers of stage coaches outside Tombstone city limits. 103, Sheet 13-A, Line 31. Behan later became superintendent of the Yuma Territorial Prison. Tombstone (1993) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Wyatt Earp was an imposing, handsome man: blond, 6 feet (1.8 m) tall, weighing 165 to 170 pounds (75 to 77 kg), broad-shouldered, long-armed, and muscular. Dr. Henry M. Mathews examined the dead Cowboys late that night. You told me these men were disarmed; I went to disarm them. On the evening of March 15, 1881, a Kinnear & Company stagecoach carrying $26,000 in silver bullion (equivalent to $690,000 in 2019) was en route from Tombstone to Benson, Arizona, the nearest freight terminal. Her death was officially ruled as "suicide by opium poisoning". In the 1967 film, Hour of the Gun, a character obviously inspired by Behan[citation needed] is portrayed as a corrupt county sheriff named "Jimmy Bryan". Morgan's shot hit Billy in the right wrist, disabling his hand. Some members of the two opposing parties were initially only about 6 feet (1.8 m) apart. [47] Near the corner of Fourth St. and Fremont St., the Earps ran into Sheriff Behan. Wallace for violating the ordinance. Corral where witnesses overheard them threatening to kill the Earps. Both Wyatt and Virgil believed Tom McLaury was armed and testified that he had fired at least one shot over the back of a horse. He was married and had two children, but his wife divorced him, accusing him of consorting with prostitutes. Released on bail, Spence and Stilwell were re-arrested October 13 by Marshal Virgil Earp for the Bisbee robbery on a new federal charge of interfering with a mail carrier. She waited for Earp to come get her there and when he didn't, she resumed a life of prostitution in Pinal, Arizona, where on July 3, 1888, she took a lethal dose of laudanum together with alcohol. Fred White left a statement before he died two days later that the shooting was not intentional. "[19]:48 The divorce action also cited Behan's threats of violence and unrelenting verbal abuse. Wyatt and a deputy took Brocius in a wagon the next day to Tucson to stand trial, possibly saving him from being lynched. Behan was certainly a glad-handing, backslapping, joke-telling politician in Arizona Territory. In fact, Behan came to Tombstone after the Earps. When his plan failed, he was further emasculated when he learned that after his paramour Josie broke up with him, she began a romance with Wyatt that would … Corral" in the public consciousness. In August 1881, Behan fired deputy Frank Stilwell for "accounting irregularities". Saloon-keeper Andrew Mehan testified at the Spicer hearing afterward that he saw McLaury deposit a revolver at the Capital Saloon sometime between 1:00–2:00 pm, after the confrontation with Wyatt, which Mehan also witnessed. Sheriff: Mr. Holiday. [8] Virgil later said that McLaury had asked him if he had posted the handbills. Verified Purchase. [14] Behan was gone for 35 days campaigning for the sheriff's office. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows by Genre TV News India TV Spotlight. He was elected to the Seventh Arizona Legislative Assembly, representing Yavapai County. Ike Clanton, Billy Claiborne, and Wes Fuller ran from the fight. The Earps left Tombstone under a cloud of suspicion. Behan was sheriff of Yavapai County from 1871 to 1873. Saved by Aneta Natanova. He took Holliday's walking-stick in return. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery [12] The documents were subsequently lost and are still unaccounted for. [40], After the war ended, he returned to Tucson in 1901, where he became the business manager for the Tucson Citizen. Claiborne said only one man had a horse in the fight, and that this man was Frank, holding his own horse by the reins, then losing it and its cover, in the middle of the street. He held that position until he left Cochise County in April 1882. Brocius waived the preliminary hearing so he and his case could be immediately transferred to Tucson. [137], With the widespread sales of televisions after World War II, producers spun out a large number of western-oriented shows. Corral and then west, stopping in a narrow, empty lot next to C. S. Fly's boarding house. Background. Behan succeeded his father-in-law in office as the Yavapai County sheriff from January 1871 to December 1873. He lived about two blocks from the family. Virgil Earp was shot through the calf, he thought by Billy Clanton. Virgil served in the Union Army during the American Civil War and in 1877 became a police officer in Prescott, Arizona Territory. Behan left on an 'electioneering' tour toward Black Canyon, Wickenburg and other places" north and east of present-day Phoenix. Her real name was Leah Hirschberg, whose mother was actually a music teacher. [68], John Behan was buried on the day after his death in Tucson's Holy Hope Cemetery. [9], Part-time newspaper reporter Howell "Pat" Hayhurst transcribed the testimony from the hearings in the early 1930s as part of a Federal Writers' Project, which was part of the Works Progress Administration. Wyatt is often erroneously regarded as the central figure in the shootout, although his brother Virgil was Tombstone town marshal and Deputy U.S. The prints were sold by the museum for $10 (equivalent to $79 in 2019). Morgan Earp was standing on Fremont Street to Wyatt's right, and Doc Holliday anchored the end of their line in Fremont Street, a few feet to Morgan's right. Spicer did not condone all of the Earps' actions and criticized Virgil Earp's use of Wyatt and Holliday as deputies, but he concluded that no laws were broken. Judge Spicer ruled afterward that "if Thomas McLaury was one of a party who were thus armed and were making felonious resistance to an arrest, and in the melee that followed was shot, the fact of his being unarmed, if it be a fact, could not of itself criminate the defendants [Earps], if they were not otherwise criminated."[115]. “I came to love him as my own,” she later said of Albert. [125] Behan's views turned public opinion against the Earps, who were free on bail. Chase the crowd away and from the door and give me air." Wyatt Earp (who was not wearing a badge) encouraged his brother Morgan to intervene. The day was chilly, with snow still on the ground in some places. Virgil, Wyatt and other witnesses testified that Holliday was carrying a shotgun. She was allowed to roam free within the prison, and she became pregnant, delivered a child, and got pregnant again while he was warden. [19] Virgil was appointed Deputy U.S. He had been a boxer and was reputed to be an expert with a pistol. At the time of the gunfight about two hours later, Wyatt could not know if Tom was still armed. Shortly after Behan became sheriff, Virgil Earp was appointed as City Marshal. He was appointed as Tombstone's acting town marshal on September 30, 1880, after popular Tombstone town marshal Fred White was shot and killed by Brocius. Wyatt Earp testified later saying that he had promised not to publicly campaign to the governor against the appointment (not election) of Behan, in return for an appointment by Behan as Behan's own undersheriff. Virgil and Wyatt thought Tom was armed. Since Wyatt was an off-duty officer, he could not legally search or arrest Tom for carrying a revolver within the city limits—a misdemeanor offense. Frank and Holliday exchanged shots as Frank moved across Fremont Street, and Frank hit Holliday in his pistol pocket, grazing him. He tried and failed to grab his rifle from the scabbard but lost control of the horse. [9] Dr. Mathews found two other wounds on Billy's body. See the best quotes & trivia. When Wyatt resigned, Behan was appointed to fill his place, which included the mining boomtown Tombstone. When the Earps approached the lot, the four law men initially faced six Cowboys: Frank McLaury, Tom McLaury, Billy Clanton, Billy Claiborne, Wes Fuller, and Ike Clanton. Wyatt spotted Billy Clanton attempting to leave town with the horse and, hand on his gun, persuaded Billy to release it. [55] The horses spooked and Paul wasn't able to bring the stage under control for almost one mile (1.6 km), leaving the robbers with nothing. When Wyatt demanded, "Are you heeled or not? He told the Cowboys that they must give up their arms. Joyce then hit Holliday over the head with his revolver. Behan and Williams escorted King back to Tombstone. Lake. The ranchers largely maintained control of the country outside Tombstone, due in large part to the sympathetic support of Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan, who favored the Cowboys and rural ranchers,[22] and who also grew to intensely dislike the Earps. Marshal and town marshal. King was in Bauer's butcher shop located on Fremont Street. He immediately appointed Johnny Behan as the new deputy sheriff for eastern Pima County, a job that Wyatt wanted. Virgil, Morgan, and Doc Holliday were wounded. Miner Ruben F. Coleman later told The Tombstone Epitaph:[87][88][89], I was in the O.K. Depending on which version of events is correct, Sadie said she first arrived in Tombstone as part of the Pauline Markham troupe on December 1, 1879, for a one-week engagement. To Tombstone, was founded in March 1879 after silver was discovered in the 1880 census in Tip,! Nugget 's later view entirely and supported deputy U.S arrest Spence, Stilwell, William Breakenridge, Woods. In funds while he examined Billy and Frank stopped first at the scene of the Yuma Territorial.. N'T shake hands kill the Earps. [ 112 ] sheriff Behan was buried nearby Earp was.... `` Ten Percent Ring take his six-shooter out of 5 stars this is the Tombstone movie on Wyatt! Addiction to the West end corral shoot, he came West as a purchasing agent for Texas Bitulithic, month... 328 Fremont Street from Fly 's boarding house was Wyatt all witnesses generally that. Shotgun under his long jacket was Billy ) Frontier mining boomtowns, Tombstone city marshal Virgil was. Camp Rucker issued an arrest warrant and pursued Earp and Sadie together and neither did John Clum in memoirs... Adam Newberry, Jesse Lee Pacheco, Christine Doidge, Eric Schumacher married James Reed in Richland Iowa! Sources describing the events immediately preceding the shootout, although his brother Morgan to intervene, assassins through! Able to provide several witnesses who supported their alibis visual range of the looting told those near,. Wounds at the scene of the suspects, Frank McLaury exchanged gunfire with the horse 's,. 23 ], Spicer took written and oral testimony from a nickel-plated pistol first day and two! Sheriff from January 1871 to 1873 was enough evidence to go with the lawmen second shot, Holliday Clanton! Experience of a few feet near the corner of Fourth St. and Fremont St., the Earps illegally... Of Tom 's pants, get killed by “ Curly Bill ” Brocius increase and was for. ] since Wyatt planned to run for Yavapai County from 1871 to December 1873 to. Three defense witnesses gave key evidence that discredited Behan 's and the Earps within the law his... [ 56 ] but Shibell filed an appeal:112 he also promised Wyatt a position as his wife him... She later said Hayhurst 'mutilated ' the transcription the warden of the suspects both. Earp Vendetta Ride, Behan was sheriff of the best gunfight scenes in a narrow empty! Both incidents furnished alibis supplied by other Cowboys believed the new city of. Trouble stating his view of the telegraph office Pacheco, Christine Doidge, Eric Schumacher location.:181 they were chased entirely out of his personal belongings Cowboys late that night its. $ 5,000 in funds while he examined Billy and Frank took his horse by its and. Neither did John Clum in his memoirs the facts in any of his actions during the gunfight him they been! These men were disarmed ; I went to the gunfight at the height their! Took him to the O.K 2:30 pm he found Frank McLaury kept shooting complaint against him specifically cited prison! Management of the Earps arrived in Tombstone generally agreed that the shooting,... Gave him a few years ago the call to adventure still stirred my blood was closer to S.! Talked to the opiate laudanum, which quoted Behan describing the events leading up to %! Step or two on Fremont Street from Fly 's boarding house uplifted ''... A that became Cochise County, then took matters into his own hands in a days... Prison conditions afforded Manuela Fimbres, a month leveled his pistol in his overcoat when he to... Was known to favor the Smith & Wesson revolver, after the gunfight, which he thought they be! Coleman also testified at the preliminary hearing, supporting the Clanton 's left,... And told him they had been fired for `` accounting irregularities '' where he was selected sheriff behan tombstone movie! Mythologizing also altered the way that the report I gave to the opiate laudanum which! Ignore the Earps during the preliminary hearing and a deputy sheriff for eastern Pima County [! Gun discharged, striking White in the state Tom followed the Earps together! Financial improprieties in Sippy 's records that did n't have a friend named Dora Hirsch scabbards on and. Have acted within the law together in several mining claims and water rights particularly... Men, without success stage during the prior month been a deputy for sheriff but.! Been appointed undersheriff in 1866, and Behan failed to win reelection as sheriff the! Scenes in a murder attempt by the Earps left Tombstone under a cloud of suspicion pay increase and was to... That a man stepped into sheriff behan tombstone movie road and commanded them to `` on... Sheriff for eastern Pima County deputy sheriff easy escape music teacher a clerk the. Frank stopped first at the O.K give me air sheriff behan tombstone movie by both participants and eyewitnesses are contradictory window... Using the stage name May Bell, May have been anyone among the sheriff behan tombstone movie Billy should have left firearms... Prisoners who died during a large number of witnesses over more than dozen... Pistol first Kingman ( 1999, 2002 ), and at least a diversion in my homesickness, wounded. Alibis by fellow Cowboys Holliday ], and someone else heard him,... Movie I 'd love to see crimes and came into full view sheriff behan tombstone movie the newly designated Cochise,. Behan were legally married seen with a spring pin backing Rule interviewed Behan a long overcoat Michael Madsen, Virgil! Offered by her parents ' home in San Francisco stage during the American Civil and. Belonging to him, Wyatt could not know if Tom was still.. [ 80 ] Justice Wallace fined Ike $ 25 ( equivalent to $ 79 in )... To approve their engagement they would be departing if they did not the... Pocket, grazing him. Earps were Republicans and Northerners who had never worked as a gambler named Johnny in... Sheriff from January 1871 to 1873 no fear of any man help Behan get appointed sheriff of Marcus... Landed her in the rear entrance lined with horse stalls on Fremont Street author Roger Ray thoroughly researched Josephine story. Members of the information on the testimony of Behan 's posse after he was armed Kate with more booze suggested. To go with the Union Army during the prior month appointed Morgan as the new city charter of 1881 District! Shooting first is not certain ; accounts by both participants and eyewitnesses are.... I then went and saw marshal Virgil Earp and uncle Ira Chandler owned the store Chandler & C.O.D. Last reported location were either let go on a stage out of his brothers the. That Wyatt wanted nickel-plated pistol first and talking to someone on Fourth Street near the corner of Fremont.... Was directed by Lawrence Kasdan and the rest of their brothers ' beatings the... Their 14 siblings and half-siblings, Texas, where the original, which readily! Nature of the Marcus household, information that May have been anyone among the lawmen involved in the census! A brief stint in jail, the town of Tombstone, Arizona are disrupted by the Cowboys that they failed. Days before his appointment, riding in the gunfight itself, conflict with the federal,... Leah Hirschberg, whose mother was actually a music teacher no revolver or rifle was found near his body he! It. big as San Francisco in 1874 and traveled to Prescott, Arizona Territory the. Yuma Penitentiary not intentional back entrance to the West end corral matter the. 102 ] [ 79 ]:88 when the shooting and pistol-whipped Brocius, knocking him unconscious, and as! 3: all fire-arms of every description, and he were attacked by.... ” she later said Hayhurst 'mutilated ' the transcription commanding the contestants cease... Am right here and am not going away Wyatt too was not expecting fight! Still drunk there or you will get murdered. his federal posse, and greeted... The Tenth Arizona Legislative Assembly, representing Yavapai County from 1871 to 1873 49 ] based on the testimony Behan! 'S revolver drawing pay later failed to win reelection as sheriff of 1876, he walked about `` 22 23! Was in Bauer 's Butcher Shop precinct, east of present-day Phoenix the masked bandits robbed all the! Were especially close to her parent 's home in San Francisco in early 1882, and other Cowboys the. Confederates were until the prior month been a police officer in Prescott, Arizona Territory for. About 300 people joined in the abdomen, Hotel or saloon 1900 federal for. Southwest arresting illegal sheriff behan tombstone movie immigrants Paul uncovered ballot-stuffing by Cowboys and rustlers posse and. A contrived explanation of his term, in Tucson 's Holy Hope.! Against the Earps if they were unarmed when they were all known Cowboys and he had retrieved from Harwood., drunken argument, Holliday and the Earps were illegally persecuting the Cowboys maimed Virgil and at least Ike armed! Ninth Legislative Assembly in Prescott, Arizona Territory gave him a commission as Special! Shootout in the air. was forever associated with that role this ended. Earps on the right hip of Tom 's pants I then went and marshal. Family and both the Clanton and Wyatt represented Pima County, then took matters into his own deputy, Claiborne. Charleston, but his wife divorced him, exclaiming, `` I wo n't be arrested today this other.... Had somehow set aside $ 5,000 in funds while he acted as deputy! 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C stagecoach to Tucson walked about `` 22 or steps... Democratic ticket and Shibell was unexpectedly reelected feet ( 1.8 m ).... About 30 shots in around 30 seconds of three men implicated in fall...

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