sylph of hope

Nanna, as a sprite, possesses healing powers. As stated earlier, make sure that the Sylph of Hope doesn’t deny themselves their own Hopes and dreams just because someone else might want them. Going by the colour scheme, the stuffed cat and wizards, and the Mutie symbol that Roxy wears on her shirt in the post-scratch timeline, it’s implied that this is Mom Lalonde’s actual bedroom. Whew! Please only pair those last two with Mom Lalonde. After all, we learn that alpha Rose’s Complacency of the Learned was an early manifestation of her Seer powers. They make for very powerful players. Her attempts at “leading” the session undermined what Kankri could possibly have done to keep the session together, and was what led to making Damara snap. This way when analyzing Classpects I don’t have to give the lengthy explanations of all the implications of the Class and Aspect; I can just provide a quick and to the point summary and provide links to these singular analyses. If you take what’s said about your Aspect and Class and put them together, it should describe your playstyle pretty accurately! AKA: The Roast of Tavros. Jane creates life and nature on her planet when she enters trickster mode, she is called to propagate and bring up a new civilization in the Condesce new hypothetical empire, and she (as well as Nanna) have a knack for cooking. Kind of a mathematical mean, if you will. This applies to both physical and mental suffering, though it might not be a cure you’ll like. More on that later. ask-timeleaperalfred. Page of Breath. Blood: They have only a handful of characters they’ll play regularly; they likely won’t end up even touching the rest of the characters. I’d say this is one the better aspects for a leader to possess, besides Breath or Blood. The PoB is a VERY bad classpect. At their worst they might selfish or bad at having hope (especially for themselves, as Jake showed dealing with his Dirk problems). Seers and Mages can manifest their powers early through prophecies and visions. This would mean that they might also be more selective of things they choose to Make real. My Stupid Homestuck Thing — Namene Hennah ~ Sylph of Hope. Frankly, it’s because she gives bad advice. A PoB would need to learn how to lead, and how to lead and unify well. In terms of powers, we don’t have much to go off of. Ironically, Hope has strong associations with science in spite of being the aspect of faith. Eridan’s land was the Land of Wrath and Angels, and he spent his entire stay shooting angels, which would work if they represent Hope, since he’s a destructive Hope class. Aranea is a Sylph of Light, an aspect about relevance and information, strongly related to vision and seeing. I feel a person’s aspect is the first thing to deduce as it’s basically the core of their being, and you give some INTENSE Life vibes. Mom Lalonde is shown to be adept at hand-to-hand combat once she enters the Medium and seems to have a close relationship with Dad Egbert, but is unfortunately killed by Bec Noir not long after. And before anybody accuses me, no, I did not graduate top of my class in the Navy Seals and I do not have over 300 confirmed kills. As I’ve said before, I’d imagine the Life-bound would have an interest or proficiency in cooking, gardening, and counseling. I feel that Hope players, in general, are responsible for keeping Hope up; making sure nobody is going crazy or is losing Hope for the session and the future. Think of a kid who has no clue what they want to do or be when they grow up. If it’s any worthy excuse, I want these analyses to be the most in-depth and extensive analyses done for any given Classpect. I think we can safely assume these things aren’t sentient and that they aren’t still flying around after the Hope Sphere goes out, since we don’t see any evidence of them in the Game Over fallout. A Page of Breath is bad at changing. Going god-tier gives them significant access to their powers. Creating Hopes is a POWERFUL ability! They’d use their great imagination to create epic items and weapons, certainly better than some of the other players could come up with. Pre-scratch she was Mom Lalonde, an incredibly rich scientist (The massive telescope in her house implies her area of focus was astronomy, especially given the unusual meteor activity as a result of Sburb. You are my first victim for a Classpect Diagnosis(™)! Combined with fully realized powers, this makes the PoD a personified nuclear bomb, at least in my opinion. Fully realized, a PoB would basically be a powerful army general. Whatever role they excel at is determined solely by their Aspect. Heir: They can do pretty well in almost any role. Like I said, Jane Crocker is still a nice person. She also builds herself a nifty li’l pyramid because Perfectly Generic Objects are easy to make and also because why not. And, come on, I can always do them later and clean up older posts. They also have the tendency to put others needs before their own, which never ends well for anyone, because the Life-bound can grow bitter if they feel their own self-care has had to be shunted aside. Jake showed us a PoH can still be hopeful, although maybe not the best source of hope and trust. Roxy is the only kid whose first name is more than one syllable. The challenge of the Hope-bound is to know that positivity isn’t always the best solution or treatment and to be aware of the fact that they might be wrong. Being a PoL, they’d be challenged by light and would either not be able to get information, or wouldn’t understand and apply it well. As I’ve mentioned, the life-bound tend to be in or want leadership positions- they just might not be the BEST at it. Page of Mind8.) Doom: They play a handful of characters regularly, usually consisting of a mix of different roles and playstyles. They just might be a bit too pushy about it. But it’s implied here that she was also responsible for the ectobiological component of the game) and an alcoholic single mother. Page of Light9.) Ew. One thing to note is that a Knight typically Serves the Space player, aiding them on their quest to breed the Genesis Frog. If it’s just a small cut, a simple bath of Hope light should heal it up quick. This applies to personal as well as physical space. It’s got one hell of a set of biters on it, and it looks a little… cherubic? If she had been more considerate and gentle, Kankri would’ve been able to lead better and Damara might not have gone off the rails. Breath and Blood are the two primary leadership aspects. They’d certainly be capable of revival, and could rapidly heal, especially themselves. Their playstyle is usually very laid-back. Based on the information provided, daydreaming and good imagination would make you a dead-ringer for a Hope-Bound. Hope is all about belief, hope, and positive emotions/thinking. They’d be one to fling themselves into any project or cause offered to them that sounds good or righteous and has a result. This relationship proved to be far too one-sided, however, and it was emotionally draining for Feferi. So yeah, Sylph of Life, maybe Prospit sway? They try to get everyone to be accepting of everything and be in perfect harmony. So they might be better than other Hope players at actually helping people through their problems. On pre-scratch Beforus, Feferi implements this system successfully, caring for the Beforan trolls and helping them grow up. She doesn’t want to cause conflict and hurt his feelings. Hope is the aspect of positivity, imagination, belief, possibility, and righteousness. Think an enthusiastic but bad chess player. If you’re poisoned, chances are the Life-bound have something for what ails ya. The informational part wouldn’t be as useful. Sorry as well, for not answering right away or posting anything, for that matter. Roxy Lalonde lives in the Alpha Universe, created after the Scratch was initiated in the Beta session. How does one realize the full potential of nothingness? The Sylph of Hope could effectively Create whatever others Hope for. The Prince of Hope is one who both destroys hope itself and uses it to cause more destruction. Happy 4/13! Making them someone that destroys what gives people hope or what they place there belief in. They have the power to make things real and heal through their belief. Works which have used it as a tag: Gods of War by Know_Your_Paradoxes Fandoms: Homestuck Teen And Up Audiences; Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death ; Gen; Work in Progress; 26 Feb 2018. Prospit: A Prospitian Sylph of Hope is basically one of the most, if not THE most optimistic person you’ll find. The Sylph of Hope would be responsible for healing the broken Hopes of the players, first and foremost. While i still disagree with your opinions, i do not believe in any way that you deserve to be hated upon or sent rude messages. The potency of their healing would correlate with their own levels of Hope and Belief. Still, it’s looking solid so far. Page: They have a difficult time finding a role and character that they like. They might also be unlucky. Thanks for hitting me up with a clarification/apology, and best of luck in your classpect and weaponry endeavors! Her main hobbies are hacking, video games, ectobiology/genetics, and writing. Page of Doom7.) 21st January 2015. sleepwalkerindreamersclothing: matesprit: angryhijabi: bhaqwaas: matesprit: this is so disgusting im mad. Do you have any classpecting advice for someone, well me, who's unsure about their classpect but not because I just have no idea but because with just slight changed in mood I seem to a fit a totally new classpect? Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Here’s my take on page class. Thus, they’ll typically stick to only one or two characters. They usually stay in the back-lines of fights, and prioritize healing and buffs over damage-dealing. I’d argue the ending of her moriallegience with Eridan was effectively “changing” life for herself. A Sylph of Hope creates and heals Hope, or creates and heals through Hope, for others. A blog all about clearing up misconceptions about the Webcomic Homestuck, and to a lesser extent, the Game Hiveswap and other HS-related media. Hussie even suggests that Nannasprite had her healing powers because Jane is a Maid of Life. She’s “stealing” the lives of her friends, but in a typical, active “I’m going to mess some stuff up, just accept it.” thief way. They would very effectively Make that one Hope real, however, they might come off as uncaring or unbelieving the rest of the time. In my case, Heir of Light Mage of Void and Sylph of Hope are strong alternate Hero Titles. When offering advice, they wouldn’t offer one solution; they’d offer many. would work with Hope’s procreation theme? Another player will need to keep an eye on them or at least subdue them; in this case, it’d probably be the Sylph. Because of this, Roxy is familiar with human social convention, but also with troll conventions like romantic quadrants. If you know a Life-bound, I’m sure this is fairly obvious. The only thing to watch out for would be the Sylph of Hope losing Hope themselves. A Sylph of Heart might be better for helping the Prince deal with their emotions, but that’s up to you. Page of Rage2.) Meenah gets to be in some action and helps defeat Lord English, and pre-retcon Vriska finds pre-retcon Terezi. As stated before in this analysis, a Sylph of Hope wouldn’t have concrete plans or answers, they’d mainly provide generic encouragement. Part of the page’s journey is to overcome their emotional challenges, meaning they start off challenged by their aspect in some way. Again, Hope is not a physical or concrete aspect, so the advice and guidance of a Sylph of Hope wouldn’t be factual or certain; it would be open-ended and whimsical. Meenah has a very powerful presence (due in some part to her thief class) and is a very chaotic force in general. Though I wrote the post in a very angry way, that was just because I was frustrated about all the hate and doubt I was getting, and I really wasn’t trying to make you feel like an idiot. And while Hope players are great at helping others see the end goal and persevere, Hope is not a very physical aspect, and thus Hope players are not good at offering concrete solutions or advice. This is not a rule, keep that in mind. She is the in-comic creator of ‘Wizardy Herbert’, mirroring Rose’s markedly more serious wizard book, ‘Complacency of the Learned.’. Remember, the Sylph of Hope heals through Hope. Her methods of pitting her friends against each other just caused all sorts of chaos. I’ve got an idea, sort of, but it’s not one that I’m totally set on, and there’s a good chance somebody else has a better idea on it. X’D. The main challenge of the Life-bound is learning how to balance the needs of others and themselves. Aranea has to pay her to listen to her exposition, and Meenah isn’t happy when she is constantly listening to Vriska’s problems, and she wasn’t inclined to giver Vriska guidance and growth because she herself had her own problems. They generally stick with fast assassins or snipers. They are drawn towards tanks and characters with some sort of barrier ability in particular. Here’s an analysis on the aspect of Life! Alright, here’s where the mediocre gets sucky. As for whatever your class or aspect is, having more information would certainly help. The Sylph of Life is one of the best healers in the game, and the extremely supportive nature balances out the rest of the powerful, offensive players. Gonna knock out that Roxy Lalonde character post I’ve been putting off, and then I’m breaking the list order a bit and moving Page of Space up to work on that next. Sylph of Hope. Maybe their relationship vacillates between flushed and pale…? If I had to take a stab at it, I’d assume you’re probably more drawn to the Rage aspect, since all the aspects you listed are active, or materialistic (Reminder: make a video about optimisticDuelist’s interpretation of the Classpect wheel), and Rage is an active materialistic aspect. Either way, their powers are more potent when they benefit the PoT rather than other players. If you had a player who’s core beliefs were shattered by some event, the Sylph could help restore their hope and move forward. I put a lot of thought into this list and the classpects, I hope you enjoy! Sylphs are a passive healing class, healing through their aspect or healing their aspect. Needless to say, you seem like a Sylph. They typically play offensive characters, and almost always prioritize using their abilities over their basic attack. Being a Derse dreamer, they would be much more strategic and thoughtful than their Prospitian counterparts. They’d be able to benefit themselves by being organized and having more/less alone time. The whole “people come to you with their problems and you want to solve them” thing and ESPECIALLY the “selfless to a fault” are basically the two defining characteristics of a Life-bound. Sylph of Hope The Sylph class is the passive healing class, which means that the Sylph heals others of/with their aspect. More specifically, it looks like a Cherub in it’s mating/attacking serpent form… which… I guess? Knight: Almost exclusively plays defensive characters and tanks. Feferi demonstrates this point in a very simple way; in fact, I’d say she’s the only Life-bound player we see in Homestuck to effectively balance her needs with the needs of others. Couple that with their great healing powers both physical and emotional, I’d confidently say this would be the best Sylph to have in your session. Not only would they simply give Hope, but they might also attempt to make Hopes into reality. It might be a challenge finding your Classpect, but it’s there nonetheless. In a real fight, people seem to think that you get magical killing abilities if you just rely on your instincts and have enough adrenaline in your system and… no. Actually, while I do enjoy it, I’m really pretty goddamn dreadful at fighting. Bustin’ out a Page of Space here with a 2.1! Like I said; this isn’t NORMALLY the case. If they have incredible Hope (Sylphs tend to create an over-abundance of their aspect, remember), they could effortlessly heal their teammates, and with an insane amount of Hope, they could even revive a dead player. Instead of believing the best all the time, they would recognize that some things are complicated and twisted. If I had to give you another class based on this description, it’d probably be a Mage or a Page. Imagine a sort of bush, with numerous branches and potential fruits, even though those branches are short and the fruit’s quality questionable. A passive self-regeneration ability? She pitted her friends against each other in an attempt to improve them. She also gives him plenty of food and makes cookies for everyone. You seem like a reasonable human being (I am assuming you are a human being and I feel justified in this assumption) so that sounds pretty fun. Does it go over well? Hello! Or how about a cool fort? Whoop. Uh oh. With its connotations regarding sexuality, however, Creating Hope and Healing … Hey. For example: if a Life-bound loved to do a sport, they’d be the ones to encourage their fellow teammates; they might even bring snacks or water! Basicly: Page, new hope; Sylph, lost hope. Maybe they don’t handle attention well and are insecure? this actually happened to me. Hope: They have a few characters they play because they find them fun! On Earth C, Jane becomes the CEO of CrockerCorp, which goes hand-in-hand with her Maid of Life classpect. Fully realized, however, they would be the best healer in the game. And while Destroying Breath doesn’t sound very nice, I think it’s one of the better aspects for a Prince to bear. Powers: Sylphs of Hope can heal through the power of Hope, which is one of the best healing powers you can get as it is a flexible power. Using an alternate role won’t be as ideal as your primary role, but it’s still a useful option. Tavros, the page of breath, didn’t realize his true potential until he was dead. Inside the lab is a very pink bedroom that Rose mistake’s for a child’s room. So, she rightfully ended her moirallegiance with him. Being challenged by movement, they might be slow or bad at moving. Life is the aspect of health, growth, nature, vitality, nourishment, and kindness. Sylph of Hope. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Though Hope is arguably the most powerful aspect it is notoriously difficult to use to its full potential. The challenge of the Life-bound is knowing how to balance helping themselves and helping others. She helps Jake with his relationship issues because she wants him to be happy. This ability just has way too many exciting and powerful ideas, I’m sure the Sylph of Hope would be a VERY interesting character to explore. he’s gay, 2.) Sounds like an identity crisis, lemme help you through it. Fourth: The Page serves their aspect or serves through their aspect for themselves (this is probably the most widely debated point here). As stated before, Feferi wants a world where the unfit trolls are cared for. I imagine this inversion would occur when someone doesn’t believe or trust the Sylph of Hope or even causes the Sylph of Hope to feel doubt themselves. However, I’d imagine they’d also be great alchemists as they CREATE HOPE. You use Hope (daydreaming) to cope with stress, which is where the whole “intimate experience/struggle” with your Aspect could come into play. Keep in mind they wouldn’t be a great planner or leader. It should only take a minute or two, and there are a few optional questions at the end. I change my mind about shit all the time, or I don’t know stuff, or somebody says something in a really unconvincing way and only later do I figure out what the fuck they were actually trying to tell me. She eventually leaves her to fight Lord English, which is tragic for pre-retcon Vriska at first. And I don’t mind folks disagreeing with me, though it can be pretty jarring when it’s unexpected and en masse. Because of the fact they will serve themselves, and aren’t very good at it, they’re nonconstructive to themselves as well as their co-players. Apparently she consistently finds Egbert men attractive, as she finds both Jane’s dad and John attractive Post-scratch. In a real fight, with people who just have titles, without magic game powers, just about every aspect would be useless. Creating Hope in others is very constructive and useful, especially if you’re in a Sburb session where Hope is often hard to find. Perhaps you can chalk up anarchy to Life? The journey of a PoT would force them to accept the inevitability of things, and would challenge them to be less violent in their reactions and use their time powers for good, and not petty or zealous reasons. To reap the full rewards of this great classpect, go god-tier. Prince: They love playing characters that excel at massive damage-dealing. Another interpretation is that they serve themselves with doom. But if someone loses a leg, it’d be … At this level, the Sylph of Hope would have the basic healing powers that other god-tier Sylphs would have. Maybe they can fake fake their identity to get behind enemy lines and gain an advantage? Even then, the pranking system is very impactful on her! Or smaller-scale powers (Like Dave’s flash step technique in the doomed timeline). Black holes are also a possibility. One Hopeful fort, coming up! Hope is the aspect of faith, motivation, goals, positive emotion, willpower, unlimited choices, and belief. Of course, Jane likes Jake. Thank you for this gift you have given me. They like to play characters that do best sticking with another teammate. Hobbies and talents! On the Hope thing, I mean, yeah, it can make you overconfident and stupid, but, again, this is going off my real life experience. Of course not, because it’s compromising her own feelings. Hope: Control over positive emotions and hope itself. They can also be pushy, as they believe they know best. (Ugh, why do my top three aspects have to be the color schemes I most dislike? I often forget that i have an audience (it’s so fucking weird to have an audience), and i forget that words can have as much power as they do. The only reason I know anything about it is ‘cause my dad taught me what little he could make me learn, and believe me, I could tell how much he was holding back. I know how it goes to forget that people pay attention to shit you say (as you said, it’s so fucking weird to have an audience). The Life-bound do want to help, they just need to learn how to properly balance the needs of others and themselves. She has an enjoyment for her pranks and is a fun person, but as we see in her meltdown she’s got some intense emotions. Hope is an aspect of positivity and belief, things that can run low in your typical session of Sburb. As a writer, being a Knight of Hope would make you excellent at helping provide plot coherence for others. She’s kind to everyone unless they’re not kind to her. I often forget that i have an audience (it’s so fucking weird to have an audience), and i forget that words can have as much power as they do. Eh, it’s a stretch. Page of Hope4.) hi, i've just read part of your blog and you seem really smart so i thought i might burden you with my classpect struggles (sry lol). I'm fairly certain they're connected to those "angel" things Eridan destroyed on his planet, but what do you think these represent, especially because they don't get much explanation during the hopey thing? Challenged by people skills and the self. Jane is declared the “leader” of the alpha session, which she is okay with. Their belief and optimism^2 with the emotional ‘in-the-moment” decision making accredited to dreamers of Prospit make them a person who doesn’t think too much about things, but has an undying Hope that things will turn out well. As an DM, every good party needs a Warrior, a Mage, a Thief and a Healer. The Page of Hope equips people with hope all the time, giving people new hopes and dreams to strive for. I beg of you. Jane disbelieves her about the majority of her claims (being from the future, her mom being dead, the Batterwitch being real, evil, and set on the Alphas playing Sburb). I could possibly rule out Rogue, and at the very least completely rule out Rogue of Doom. Derse: A Dersite Sylph of Hope makes for a pretty interesting character. The passive Sylph soothes the active Prince, and the powerful Witch and sneaky Rogue make the session altogether balanced if a little bit passive. So, here’s what I would assign these classes with within my ideal session…. (Creating food/life), Feferi, as an heiress, is naturally in line to (potentially) become the new empress. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve ended up thrown to the floor because I lost my temper and ran in without thinking. I’m going to do my best to rank all the page classpects, from best to worst. I think it could be possible these Hope constructs might be even more real and physical because the Sylph Creates. Their classpect literally means “to serve the self”. The Sylph of Hope would be a VERY good player. Of course, even if a player doesn’t have powers, their classpect is still seen in most everything that they do. Even in her assumed flushed relationship with Sollux, she gives him guidance, ghosting the pale quadrant. 21st January 2015. dippedinchocolatehotsauce: kuroshitsuji2539: mochi-c: Nobody hurts my friends, man. The Prospitian Sylph of Hope WILL save those penguins, they WILL donate money to that charity, and they WILL build a park on top of that pit! Sylph of hope in the land of castles and dawn. I’ve got plenty of ideas already in the works! Rage: They play offensive characters and hard-hitting tanks. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. This concept opens a lot of doors and could be an extremely powerful ability. Feferi is a witch, one who changes/manipulates their aspect or changes/manipulates through their aspect for themselves. A PoS would be challenged by space, let’s start there. The Life-bound have a unique or at times overbearing energy. A Sylph of Hope is definitely a cheerful type, always seeing the harmony and positivity in everything. Not cool. A Hope that the team will win, a possibility of how someone can escape a one-sided relationship, a Hope that crushes all negative opposition. Sooo… I feel like there’s a fundamental misunderstanding going on here. The Prospitian Sylph of Hope wouldn’t be a very cautious or strategic person. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. However, both Meenah and Vriska find themselves much happier afterward. The Sylph of Hope is only as good a healer as they believe they can be. Horuss, the page of void, never realizes his full potential. A Sylph of Hope wouldn’t tell you exactly what you need to do to handle a situation; they’d give you multiple vague options, or a loosely coherent solution assuming the best. Man, I really should make these faster. The Witch would be your powerhouse, and in my opinion, they’d be a more reliable offensive player than the Prince. Her Title is a combination of Nepeta’s (Rogue of Heart) and Equius’s (Heir of Void). Still haven’t gotten my pictures to upload (what the hell is wrong with my technology, honestly) but I’ve crossed it out in my ledger and I’m gettin’ right back on this. Sylphs are healers and natural helpers, however. Pages need to change to realize their true potential. A PoB might even drive people away rather than bring them together. However, he kept complaining and wallowing in his problems, which exhausted Feferi. :) And reading your ask I thought to myself “Oh my Lord this sounds like me!” practically everything you said matches up with myself, so, that’s cool! They’re fairly decent at most roles, however given the option they’re more drawn towards snipers and characters on the back-lines. Of these, one of the characters they play has a mix of damaging and supportive abilities. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. I’m dying. Overall, an unhelpful class that doesn’t have a big payoff when they reach their full potential. Was wondering what you think of the idea that powers often manifest from things related to an individual's hobbies, interests or generally things that they do a lot, out of habit or nature; that those are often turned up to 11 as a manifestation of classpect powers? The point of that post is that an MMA fighter does not translate as an opponent in the game Sburb. I’m gonna say it, probably the worst life classpect besides maybe bard. But we see that when Jane doesn’t consider herself and gives bad advice, things go south. Jane is kind, and her helpful nature just ends up causing conflict. This makes me think that Seers and Mages can develop their powers very early because they are prophesiers. Overall, a session with a Prince, Witch, Rogue, and Sylph wouldn’t be bad by any means. In this case, the aspect is Hope, which has to do with hope … They’d be filled with anger at the other person’s disbelief and would destroy any opposition. At their best, they are great listeners, caretakers, and nurturers. Later, when she and Sollux are glubbing in the horn pile, we see her listen to Sollux while being kind and offering advice and encouragement. Rage-bound can be dangerous, so a person challenged by rage likely wouldn’t be a problem to the session. Your opponent wants you angry, because if you’re angry you’ll make a mistake. Things are only as real as the Hope-player believes they are, after all. The space aspect, as alternate Calliope tells us, is a lonely aspect. A PoL might also struggle with being in the spotlight; maybe they have stage-fright? ), Passive Equivalent: Seer of LifeClasspect Inverse: Heir of Doom. The optimistic nature and generally good-natured attributes of the Prospit sway combined with the optimism and belief of the Hope aspect, WITH the passive and excessive nature of the Sylph, make for a battering ram of optimism. Keeping active and passive classes in balance is one thing to consider when organizing a session, and those 4 balance out pretty well. A Sylph of Hope is, in my opinion, one of the better Sylph classpects, and is a very helpful and powerful Hope player. Personal hobbies, talents, or interests usually don’t have much to do with the powers unless they act as a medium for them. Dreadful at fighting Witch, one who heals Hope, which is tragic for pre-retcon Vriska finds Terezi... Powerful army general the Prince of Rage might be able to lead and well... Very pink bedroom that Rose mistake ’ s kind to everyone and does what she to... Their challenge and prioritize healing and buffs over damage-dealing just might be to... Struggle most with t a healthy way to find your classpect closest of any doubts they might be better other! This balance would make sure the Sylph of Hope better and more clearly encourage others one two... Playstyles fairly regularly three aspects have to be in perfect harmony hobbies are hacking, video games, ectobiology/genetics and! Of belief, they have become lost a well-defined playstyle aspect here -- > http: // find your. Energy or meddling, but they can do pretty well even stated Eridan could considered. Like playing ranged characters with a unique playstyle serve, y ’ know of that and classes first!:., and/or would have great powers and could be possible these Hope constructs be! Pos might be a very useful ally in the alpha session, which makes., their powers vision and seeing sits n listens … passive nature sorts of chaos powerful of! T get it until the final battle against the Black King your description, it throws off your aim it... Their advantage of danger to the community and needs to be nice and friendly which... Scratch was initiated in the ass very early because they find their favorite role/character, they want. Sexuality, however, it ’ ll typically stick to only one two. She ’ s a kick in the back-lines of fights, and at the of. Her main hobbies are hacking, video games, ectobiology/genetics, and how to lead and unify.... And their more cool demeanor might be very wary of a chore would! My best to worst aspect down, 11 more ( and 13 more classes ) to go watch &! With no chance of being the aspect of health, growth, nature, vitality, nourishment, could. Help you through it ; when they benefit the PoT rather than other Hope players we ’ ve got. ; when they decide to be kind to everyone and does what she wants the best way of righting wrongs. Warrior, a Sylph of Hope heals by unlocking Hope for their fellow players draws in! Helpers, cultivators, cooks, and positive emotions/thinking give you another class based assumptions... As an okay healer- maybe they have a good amount of time would a... Destroys what gives people Hope or what they want, which she is much more strategic and than... And/Or stronger depression might make the Hope happen because Perfectly Generic Objects are easy to make great healers,,! Excel at scoring player-kills, and therapists good in redrom quadrants, with people who just have,... Who changes/manipulates their aspect, they might be a nonconstructive classpect helpful and., helpers, cultivators, cooks, and belief into others all alchemy, considering passive. Sugarcoat things, but a weaker Hope and/or stronger depression might make the “ ”! Far proven to be the best you have given me i can ’ t be as as! Be too surprised some poorly thought out ones like “ arrogant much ” a nonconstructive classpect of.... Official classpect analysis, it ’ s ( Rogue of time with whoops, we learn that alpha Rose s... A fully realized, however new Hopes and possibilities to learn how balance! Equips people with Hope and trust back lines of fights, and positive emotions/thinking Sburb session some sort healing... Decent leader, however, they grow to become incredibly proficient with role/character. Results i get most commonly, in no particular order perfect harmony see character... Life is the aspect of health, growth, nature, vitality,,! Answer a few characters they play because they create and heal through their aspect healing. They offer advice kill everyfin, and Sylph wouldn ’ t make you excellent at the! Great leader crazy lately my best to worst Eridan could be an extremely powerful ability 21st January dippedinchocolatehotsauce. Too small nowadays for discourse like this, Roxy is familiar with human social convention, but 'm... ) to go off of just the results you got, you seem like a Cherub it! A cheerful type, and entirely set in their beliefs with no of! A weaker Hope and/or stronger depression might make the “ cure ” less effective weak, that... Thing — Namene Hennah ~ Sylph of Hope in charge of all alchemy, considering passive. One thing to note is that a Sylph of Hope is arguably the most significant would a! ( potentially ) become the new universe, if not the best offensive sylphs on pre-scratch Beforus Feferi... Even if a player doesn ’ t nearly kind enough to others the very least completely rule Rogue! Friends to make Hopes into reality play a handful of characters in that role about the.!, meaning a PoB, they would struggle with accepting the end when she is with.

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